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A general contractor should be an effective problem solver, always there when you need us

A general contractor should be an effective problem solver, always there when you need us We know how much effort is required to coordinate and physically be present on-site, which is why we can also act as a general contractor, demonstrating a flexible, smart and above all professional approach for the benefit of the client.

The general contractor acts as a single point of contact for the project, the figure who independently manages each phase, has a detailed overview of the whole and coordinates all the suppliers involved, periodically updating the client on the status of the work.

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No request is too big,
if you’re well organised

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Always on time

The timetable agreed upon when work begins is constantly updated, so the status of each project is monitored in real time to ensure timely delivery to the client. We work double shifts and on holidays when necessary.

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Straight to the point

Specific needs or problems to be solved: the general contractor works directly with the right professional to come up with the best solution.

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Construction times are not always the same, just as great ideas don’t always appear only at the beginning of a project. A good general contractor should listen and propose viable and sustainable alternatives and solutions.

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Control of the supply chain

Each supplier and collaborator is selected only after passing an internal test period, so as to ensure that the work is carried out correctly at every stage of the project and at every height of the supply chain in terms of ESG.

Coordination of all project phases to deliver excellence.

Turning to a general contractor offers multiple advantages when it comes to the management of the project, which becomes more flexible and adaptable to your needs. In fact, the contact person manages all project phases, from the first meeting to the follow-up after delivery, in total autonomy. The general contractor has a complete, detailed view of what the project is and guarantees that the client gets exactly what they had in mind.