Assistance with masonry, finishes
and craftsmanship

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MBA Costruzioni:
Concrete, reliable, sustainable, complete.

MBA Costruzioni carries out maintenance operations throughout the building. In particular: mechanical systems, plumbing, air-conditioning in all its forms, electrical and IoT/networking systems, finishes and surfaces, laying of flooring and wall coverings in different materials, wood floor laying and staining, metalworking, carpentry, supply of room dividers and partitions, elevated flooring, furniture, and interior doors.

From assistance to the finishing touches,
professional and artisanal

During renovation or construction work, we provide support to other tradesmen in the installation of utility systems such as electric, plumbing and gas, and provide masonry assistance to make a house or business immediately habitable and usable.
By collaborating with trusted, professional contractors, MBA Costruzioni is also able to be autonomous in the realisation of mechanical and electrical installations, thus offering a finished product to its customers.

We also handle trims, surfaces and other finishes, both interior and exterior, to give rooms the look the customer wants. All proposed solutions are designed to suit the client's tastes and foster the practicality of each individual space.
MBA Costruzioni also provides customers with the experience and professionalism of a team of craftsmen, enabling them to create rooms and buildings that reflect the taste and style of our clients.

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