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MBA Costruzioni:
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We demolish buildings of all sizes, massive and otherwise, first creating a detailed demolition plan. To ensure no nearby structures are damaged, it is essential to first carry out a detailed inspection and a complete analysis of the rooms and their stability, which will form the basis of the demolition plan.

During the survey phase, we consider all possible scenarios and carefully assess the particular specifics and details of each case. It is, in fact, a delicate and complex operation that requires particular caution.

Demolition is carried out with full respect for the safety of people, using technologies that guarantee optimal results within the timeframe required by the customer.

At the end of demolition, MBA Costruzioni takes care of removing and transporting the rubble to authorised landfills only, in full compliance with legal regulations.


Retail strip-outs involve the demolition of both fixed and temporary structures (such as electrical infrastructure) to the highest standards, and also bathrooms, floors, door frames, non-load-bearing walls and interior furnishings. The highly qualified team at MBA Costruzioni works according to the highest safety standards and carries out strip-outs of large and small commercial spaces, including the removal of external and internal structures requiring heavy machinery, guaranteeing the integrity of the building.

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