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Team building,
in our own
concrete way.

We love to team up.
Since Matteo began working at MBA Costruzioni, we have consistently relied on collaboration and a tried-and-true supply chain, which from day one has been put to the test and which continues to exceed our expectations. For MBA Costruzioni, there is no work but teamwork.
In concrete terms, this means always being there and knowing how to ask for help, while respecting the work and time of others. This essential and simple yet effective recipe allows us to grow every day, in a team that now has around 20 people dedicated to project management and administration, and a roster of more than 15 professionals.




Listening to customer needs is at the heart of every one of our projects.

If necessary, the team at MBA Costruzioni is also available to work on public holidays, satisfying customer requests at all times.

Awareness of new market trends combined with a propensity for innovation has driven the company in proposing its services to the retail sector, with a predilection for the fashion and luxury segment.

There is only one future,
and it must be sustainable.

There is no Planet B and it is never too late to make a difference: the work done by MBA Costruzioni in the area of environmental certification and site process optimisation since the early 2000s is now materialising: the company is taking part in an even larger and more ambitious project.

It's called Cantiere Impatto Sostenibile (CIS - Sustainable Impact Building Site), a voluntary code of conduct devised by Assimpredil ANCE to make building sites truly ESG compliant and elevate the quality of the work done by every construction company.

Discover CIS
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The quality of services
guaranteed by National and international standards

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In late 2020, we also obtained CQOP SOA - OG1 certification for civil and industrial buildings, which is mandatory for participation in public tenders.

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An adopter of the voluntary code of conduct
promoted by Assimpredil ANCE:

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